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to do list

A – Replace entire cluster of cast iron drain pipe under kitchen back to main 3” section with PVC.400
B – Replace saddle valve that is in use, with permanent valve 100
C – Remove unused saddle valve and seal pipe properly 75
D – Fix or replace leaking valve in master bathroom toilet 75
E – Add support to expansion tank to remove pressure from the piping 25
F – Locate termination point of the ‘added’ gas line that exits rear wall and goes into back yard and properly mark and cap off. 50-100

A – Review electrical panel & repair situation with multiple circuits entering one breaker
Sorry to give bad news. This is an outdated panel that many inspectors will normally ask to change out we will not be able to do anything with the extra wires short of changing out the panel sorry. 1400
B – Repair all unprotected splices, wire gauge changes, extension cords, splitters, and improper installations etc. in garage and attic as well as all unprotected wiring in metal boxes 300
C – Replace cans in kitchen with cans which are rated for insulation contact We can install led inserts into those cans. 50 each light qty 6
D – Put outlets and switches into the proper outdoor covered boxes 100
E – Remove or secure the wiring in the attic from the old attic vent (that was removed) 25
F – Install proper GFCI outlets in kitchen and all bathrooms - 75 each

Insulation and ventilation
A – Replace current dryer vent line with a rigid pipe for the entire run 275

A – Remove disposal unit and replace with typical under sink piping
B – Remove safety gasket for disposal and replace with typical kitchen sink drain
150 for a/b


B - Install railing on right side of front steps 350.00

D – Replace, properly caulk, prime & paint all water damaged rotten soffit and fascia 1300

Paint will be supplied by homeowner otherwise 75 per gallon and no guarantee on match

B – Hang (or rehang) gutters with proper slope so that they do not buckle in middle and drain properly into downspouts and away from foundation - 125.00

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