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to do

south wall foundation crack sealed under the front porch as well as the north side hall toilet leak repaired. 150
The garage door nearest the house also needs to be readjusted. 75

1. Seller to have an electrician adjust the wobbly living room fan as described in the inspection report. Page 6 Item 4--------$25
2. Seller to have a qualified contractor to evaluate the upstairs north side bathroom tile and repair/replace as needed. Page 17 Item 9 --------$150
3. Seller to have the main floor north side toilet secured property. Page 21 Item 18----------$75
4. Seller to replace missing insulation at the refrigerant lines at the A/C unit and the basement furnace. Page 39 Item 6---------$50
5. Seller to secure the vent. Page 44 Item 4---------$25
6. Seller to replace missing screen at west side gable vent. Page 55 Item 4 ---------$75
7. Seller to have a qualified contractor to secure the columns at the flange on the patio and porch deck. Page 66 Item 5---------$50
8. Seller to weatherproof the porch outlets on the north side. Page 70 Item 8--------$$75

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