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2 evaluate and install or apply as needed (Flashing or roofing tar) along the upper row of shingles, midway-down the right and left sides of the chimney chase to prevent future moisture entry. (page 10, major concerns #2)
4 Evaluate electrical panel and make repairs as necessary (Potential Safety/Health Hazards #2 (page 10 inspection report). 50.+
5 examine and replace as needed the over-amped breaker for HVAC unit . (Potential Safety/Health Hazards #4, page 10) 75.00
7 secure the displaced flue above the drafthood located above the water heater to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the home. (Potential Safety/Health Hazards #6, page 10) 25.00
8 secure the loose, metal flange located around the upper portion of the water heater flue at the ceiling of the water heater closet to create an effective fire-stop. There should also be a minimum of a 1” clearance from this flue and all combustibles. (Potential Safety/Health Hazards #7, page 11) 25.00
10 repair as needed to moisture damaged areas noted in Additional Comments #5 - #6, page 11 of inspection report as well as address any caulking needed and re-grading of soil to help prevent future moisture damage to siding. Replaced wood/siding/caulking to match existing colors 350.00
11 repair as needed to cold water faucet handle located above sink in hall bathroom as well as diverter valve for shower head located above tub faucet in hall bathroom and repair leak at flexible waterline connection to shower head and shower arm in master bathroom. (Additional Comments #21-23, page 12) 200.

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