to do list

1. Replace damaged facia boards (p.20) 300.00

2. Repair/Replace exterior basement door casing (p.21) 175.00

3. Repair bent garage rail on left garage, or cost to replace left garage door (p.28) Looks like opener rail is damaged 350 new opener bottom panel of damaged door 275 bent roller hinge 75 if doing one of the other repairs

4. Install air break in dishwasher discharge line - is this necessary? (p.36) 25.00

5. Replace kitchen exhaust pipe and vent - necessary? (p.37) 250.00 ball park

6. Adjust/replace water pressure reduction valve (p.40) 250.00

7. Replace corroded sections of flue pipe (p.41) 150.00

8. Replace breaker in electric panel (p.45) 75.00

9. First floor water heater/furnace flue terminates out the side of the house - is this a big deal? (p.48-49)

10. Add Supports for 2nd floor furnace flue (p.50) 25.00

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