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Visiting Brian Lowenthal's Shares (account name: athomehandyman)
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1.3 ) The downspout at front right corner of home is not connected to buried drain pipe 25
2.0.4 There is bare wood (OSB sheathing) exposed below the rear deck. Deterioration may occur if wood is not protected. 50(paint homeowner supplied)

2.4.1-3 ) The deck band (ledger) does not appear to be attached properly to the wall or band of the home. It should have 5/8 galvanized "Lag Screws" or "Carriage Bolts" approximately every 36 inches. 2.4
(2) Several deck joists are not supported by hangers or ledger strips. 2.4
(3) For added support and security, I recommend (2) 1/2 inch thru-bolts and washers be added where guardrail support posts attaches to deck band (see photo). Deck 325

4.0 The gas line drip leg for the attic furnace unit is not routed properly. The flow of gas should change directions at the drip leg allowing sediment to fall into drip leg. 75.00
4.6.1 The A/C was not tested for proper operation due to the outside air temperature is 65 degrees or less. 250
4.6.2 Level condenser 75
5.1.1/3 There is a leak in crawlspace at drain pipe (below half bath). ) One drain pipe support strap is loose in crawlspace. 100
6.1 panel such as knock-outs missing on panel (safety issue), circuits not labeled or identified, panel cover screws missing 150
6.3 1-7 6.3.0 outlet in dining room has a prong broken off in the outlet 6.3.2 add cover plate to splice box in laundry room 6.3.3 add outlet cover in laundry room 6.3.4 add missing cover plates in upstair bedrooms 6.3.5 master bath has loose cover plate 6.6.3 replace light bulb in foyer hall ceiling light 6.3.7 outlet in dining room is loose 125
6.3.10/11 6.3.10Add weather cover exterior outlet at rear of home 6.3.11 correct loose wire ends in crawlspace 75
7.0.2 seal cracks on fireplace 75
8.0.1 The water heater flue collar is not secured at ceiling in the laundry room utility closet. 25
11.4 The food disposer wiring is missing a romex connector (anti-strain device). 50

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