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3/4 caulk wood on exposed windows, soffits and fascia and trim boards 750.00
5 repair soffit boards located at the top right of rear surface wall 275.00
7 one inch gap should be between siding and roof at gables 250.00
11 Repair Damaged interior doors were observed in unit 1 half bathroom, at the rear left bedrooms entrance door and at the upper hall bathrooms linen closet, at unit 2 half bathroom and in the front left bedroom. Doors were observed to rub the door frames located at unit 1 half bathroom and in unit2 dining room. Non latching doors were observed in unit 1 dining room and at unit 2 glass siding doors. Missing door hardware was observed at unit 2 rear right bedroom entrance door 400.00
12 Replace sliding door in unit 2 dining room replace closet doors in unit 2 rear left and right bedrooms, replace missing bi-fold door unit 3 front right bedroom 1400.00
14 replace moisture damaged wood in kitchen cabinets - replace only the boxes that are damaged 2500.00
17 Seal cracks in firebox unit 1 and unit 3 1200.00
18 replace fire resistant drywall at the left side of unit 3 attic, at the roofing sheathing located at both the left and right sides off all attics 400.00


23 reconnect exterior electrode grounding wire on unit 3 25.00
24 correct exposed electrical wiring by adding junction boxes all three attics 400.00
25 correct all loose exterior, add GFCI where needed, add outlet covers where missing 400.00
26 add light cover unit 2 rear deck 50.00
27 correct the following A damaged cover was observed at the kitchens electrical ceiling light fixture located in unit 1. Covers were not visible at the interior electrical ceiling fans located at all unit1 bedrooms and in unit 2 front left bedroom. Covers were not visible at the interior ceiling electrical light fixtures located in unit 1 upper hall bathroom, in unit 2 half bathroom, in the upper hall and upper hall bathroom and in the rear right bedroom and in unit 3 kitchen. 500.00
28 correct a double tapped breaker at the bottom left of unit 2 panel 125.00
32 Loose draft hoods and ceiling cowls were observed at the gas fired water heaters located in both unit one and two when inspected. An expansion device, tank, or watts valve was not installed or visible on the cold water supply pipe near the water heater. (Unit number three) Rust flakes were observed at the burner and burn chamber of the gas fired water heater located in unit number three. (Nearing the end of it's useful life) 500.00 repair units in 2 Replace water heater in unit 3 1050.00
33 Repair hvac high pressure line foam insulation was observed at all three attic hvac units when inspected. Damaged plenum insulation was observed at unit number ones attic hvac unit when inspected. A missing hvac heating and cooling duct cover was observed in unit 2 family room. A damaged hvac heating and cooling return vent cover was observed in the family room of unit 3. 500.00

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