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Visiting Brian Lowenthal's Shares (account name: athomehandyman)
Punch list
  1. Mirrors still need to be hung
  2. Toilet needs to be put in
  3. Wood runner for closet door & bathroom door not in
  4. Chandelier needs hung - I spoke with Travis on this but I am under the impression he is no longer working on this job.I’d like the bottom of the chandelier to be at least 6ft above the water level in the tub, not 6ft from the floor. I’d also like it hung by someone who understands this & the correct way to hang a chandelier…would hate for a chandelier to fall in the bathtub with me :)
  5. shower glass needs installed
  6. additional outlet we discussed on the right of the vanity
  7. Grout needs finished & much of the tile & grout looks undone or completed not correctly - several pictures attached to show what I mean. Also I do not understand why the decorative tile that goes around the shower is bordered with cut subway tile on both sides…it doesn’t look right to me. Could the decorative tile not been made just a little wider to not have cut subway on each side? Many of the pictures of the tile work that I have attached shows what I would call no attention to detail….my hope is that it is just not done, but I was told on Friday that everything is completed & just toilet & cleaning to be done on Monday.
  8. shower head & nozzle needs installed
  9. trim around vanity & baseboards still need painted - pictures attached
  10. drawers of vanity put back - picture attached
  11. closet door has yellow on the bottom of it - picture below - and the closet door & trim are not the same color as the other trim being painted. Please paint the closet door, trim & bathroom door to match
  12. Everything cleaned, including outside - picture attached to show my outside floor mess

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