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Some Horror Podcasts You Should Look into

Podcast has become an extremely popular medium for communicating with large numbers of men and women via the world wide web. A logical next step in the development of internet networking, podcasting adds noise to exactly what millions of people had been already writing, a development comparable to the air. To find out more details about Horror reviews, you have to browse our site.


The Jack and Nick Horror Show


This podcast is hosted by two friends who only love horror in most of its various shapes and forms! The series is hosted by Jack Knapp and New Jersey Nick, who've already been podcasting for quite some time now. The two of them were members of an older podcast called SlasherCast that went off, and fortunately for the fans, Jack and Nick came back quite fast for this specific show. The series itself comprises several news, a Movie of the Week, and also a segment where they comprise the fans at 1 way or another. The series is very good and keeps getting better and better with each passing episode!


Hosts Michael Boylan, Tom Neff, and Matt Strippoli come together to create us a fairly enjoyable podcast where they talk and review horror movies both new and older. Most of their episodes feature top ten and top ten lists, in addition to interviews. Their release schedule is somewhat spotty believing they were only available in 2014 and only have twenty-six episodes, however they all are quite gratifying!


Horror 101 is a fun little podcast hosted by Cash Wampum, Brian Stewart, and Nick MacPherson and sometimes brings some other co-hosts based upon the series. It's very enlightening, and the goal of the podcast is always to center on the hidden gems within the genre you might or may not have lost. The series comprises soundtrack music, audio clips from the films they have been talking, and amusing. It's highly entertaining, and I feel that it's a must for all terror podcast fans! These guys know their shit and provide little opinions and opinions that will supply you with a excellent moment! You can get additional information on Horror movie news by visiting our website.


Chilling Tales can be really a fantastic podcast that's bringing back sound theater. Each episode is hosted by the host of the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival, Steve Taylor, who supplies great narration all over the fun and spooky short stories they contribute about life. The podcast includes multiple voice actors which are all amazing, and the output value is definitely there. If you're interested in finding a audio podcast that features horror fiction, then give that one a shot! They churn out weekly episodes that are usually at least an hour or so long and provide us stories for our listening pleasure. The series can be available on YouTube in the event that you'd rather check them outside throughout that.

Decades of Horror 1980's


Decades of Horror is attracted to us by the Exact men behind Horror News Radio. Doc Rotten, Thomas Mariani, and Christopher G. Moore attract us episodes which share films from the 1980's. This is a fun show that helps you to pass the time while in work cleaning, or just relaxing. The hosts all have interesting takes and remarks on the films that they discuss, and I would recommend checking out this, particularly if your favourite time in horror was within this decade.

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