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Search Engine Optimization ... Just How Does It Function?



By: june@bWyse.com


How Good Are You At Baking A Cake?


One of the easiest approaches to understand search engine optimization is always to think of Google such as a master baker. There's one secret recipe which contains two hundred distinct ingredients for every single cake that is baked. The purpose is to bake your cake to match the secret recipe as closely as you possibly can... a lot better than the rest of the bakers on the planet. In case Google is happy with the quality of the cake you bake, you are rewarded with your cake being showcased in Google's display instance of cakes.


That might seem just a little simplified, however once you look at what exactly is social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization -- the baking investigation is a great way to wrap your brain up to a complex idea.


• Every level of the cake is a web page. You are able to make some layers better compared to additional layers.


• Every component reflects one of those two hundred variables that Google considers when determining which cake would be most useful. The better job you do at using all of the ingredients, the better your cake (website design).


• Bake the ideal cake with the best layers... as well as your own cake layers will land in Google's display case... the initial page of Google.


Search Engine Optimization is much, much more than just baking the largest cake -- it is more than just quantity... it should be the best quality of cake. Google measures caliber as compared to what searchers are seeking. It's your job to learn what flavor of cake persons need in social media. This is really all about quality of their net site design.


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