SHARK CAGE DIVING - The Heart of the Cape Town Adventure Tourism Industry
shark cage dive


On the past 350 million years sharks have mastered the seas of earth. The fiercest predators in their own domain, sharks have earned their reputation . Humans are very fascinated by them and also have a mix of esteem and fear for these gorgeous creatures, website.


South Africa, more specifically Cape Town, is without a shadow of a doubt, among the best destinations worldwide for inducing sharks, notably Great White sharks, at close proximity. The populace of sharks is unparalleled elsewhere, and the locations are accessible and in close proximity to land, that you are virtually certain to witness numerous animals participating in what these were created to accomplish.

The Adventure of a Life Time

Shark cage diving and surface viewing had become ever more popular over the adventure tourism industry over the last ten years. It is the experience of a life.


Each year thousands of people traveling the world to dive and see with all the 400 species of shark from our oceans. They tackle this experience with a fire and deep seated admiration for these creatures with apprehension and excitement and each and every time return.


Shark cage diving is a strictly regulated industry, with only a few operators having already been granted a permit to take part in this activity. Care is required never to interfere too much with the normal behaviour patterns of the sharks. The eating of sharks is also strictly illegal, to keep them from associating boats.

Passengers on the shark cage dive trips would be likely to experience amazing Whites as other sharks have a tendency to continue to hold a low profile. The Cape Coast is one of the Great lands worldwide.


On boarding the ship for the trip out the passenger's anticipation is overwhelming. It can use as much as a hour of chumming before the shark appears. Once the sharks have settled down, the very set of cagers prepare to input their cage as the remainder retreat into the back of the vessel or seeing platform to see the proceedings, eagerly anticipating their turn in the cage.


As the bait line approaches does the Great White. The cage experience was described by some as an heart-stopping emotional and thrilling adventure.

The experience is not only stimulating for individuals from the cage. The passengers on the vessel are able to observe and photograph also to relish the surface viewing in an view the Great White sharks from a few feet off. Surface viewing here is amazing because passengers capture an all-purpose opinion of these sharks attacking.

Feel the Thrill

Whether sharks intrigue, scare or fascinate you, it is the experience of a life time being close to them and celebrating them into their natural habitat. Being one of these powerful kings of this deep is perhaps probably one of the tasks in experience tourism right now. If you view them from afar or simply wish to dive with fantastic Whites, Cape Town is the best location for you.


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