remod to do

open up master bedroom closet and take space from office room approx. 4 ft.
build solid wall and fill in ceiling space. remove walls in closet to make larger opening
Demo entire master bathroom.
build larger shower taking some space into closet
Build, paint and install Cabinets
for bathroom 2 sets of vanities and linen cabinet
for closet build approx. 30 liner feet of mixed use cabinets. drawer cabinets , larger cabinets with doors, some open space to hand and shoe racks
Install/move all plumbing and electrical as needed
Install tile on floors and in shower
install ship lap behind tub and in toilet room
paint bathroom, closet and office
Cost of tile, grout, plumbing and light fixtures will be responsibility of homeowner. we will help with selection and getting supplies to the house

paint kitchen cabinets

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