Easy-To-Use Online Table & Database Creator Tool

Quickly build, share, update, or even embed database tables, without the hassle of email attachments or complex formulae. Databases is just one of 6 easy-to-use apps inside every Keep&Share account.

You get a simple, fast online database table builder inside every Keep&Share account.

These “flat file” tables are quick to create & share — you can even let other people edit it. Entirely web-based so you can access it from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Ideal for:

  • Membership rosters & checklists
  • Inventory tracking
  • Virtual & remote office collaboration
  • Sharing view-only rights to a table
  • Exporting between Excel or FileMaker
  • Adding an interactive table to your website

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Whether you need public tables to embed on your website, collaborative databases for the office, or just an easy way to store rows of data for yourself, you'll get to enjoy all these features:

Simple to create — like a spreadsheet but without the formulae

Spreadsheets with complex formula options can be really useful. But you don't always need a “pivot table” for every type of data! Our program lets you quickly create tables that you can edit, sort, create forms for, & more — without unnecessary complexity.

Share, sort & edit online — no need to download or upload!

You can access and edit your database instantly anywhere you have internet access. Because Keep&Share is cloud-based, you never need to download your tables to edit them.

Interactive database software for collaboration or public editing

Stop emailing spreadsheets back-and-forth or juggling requests to make changes to your database — instead, just use 1 click to share the table with people who need it (even the public), & let them edit for themselves. You get instant updates when they make changes.


You'll know that only the right people have access

Eliminate worries over accidentally CC-ing the wrong person. Keep&Share's share status icons next to every file makes it easy to tell who can view or edit your database, and you can change the share settings with just a click.

Compatible with Excel or FileMaker files

Your Database files are easy to export or import as CSV files, making it simple to transition between other programs like Excel and FileMaker.

Share tables with anyone, inside or outside your company

Edit & share databases in Keep&Share with anyone you want, no matter what email they use or company they work for. Just make it public in 1 click, or share it with specific Keep&Share accounts for limited access.

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