2005 July Production of RED

2005 July Production of RED
In July of 2005, Zebra Four Productions began filming for their then titled piece SP1-05. In three days Andrew Wesman and myself, Ian Carr, shot over ten hours of footage. Our production lasted for 33 onset hours. The film, titled RED, is due to premier in the Spring of 2006 and is currently being edited. This page contains production stills from the three day shoot when it all came together.
Our Stars: Sarah Grandin 
 And David Guilimette
 The first day of shooting was mainly b-roll.
Note the half-dressed bookshelf (because only half of it is going to be in shot) and the iPod giving us a sound track.
Where Andrew and myself slept, stored equipment, kept props, and did late night script checks - Our actors got actual beds  
 Myself dressing the dining room after 12 hours of shooting on Day Two.
 Pre-shoot setup by Andrew.
Now setting up for our last shot of the day David gets some well-deserved shut-eye 
Seventeen continuous hours of production later Andrew and myself were both tired and looking forward to our 7 am call time for the next morning 
One of my favorite shots (recreated with a still camera) from day three, our final day of shooting. 
A shot of the screen we used to watch all ten hours of footage while capturing it for post-production and editing.  

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Dec 4, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Andrea LoPinto (lopinto)
Ian, looks great!  I just found a few typos.  You'll need to give me editing rights so that I can fix them.
Dec 5, 2005  ( 3 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Can't wait to see it.  Can you give us a clue on what it's about?
Congratulations on 3 of your other films making the finals in the national competition!  Was it only 150 out of the 60,000 films submitted?  Wow!
Christina Roper (croper)
This is neat Ian.  Where did you find David?  He looks like a character.  :)
Ian Carr (redlightbulb)
It wasn't films, it was artists of all types from around the country. Andrew and I's work is one in 150 finalists. We're listed under Andrew's names - You can learn more about it at: www.nfaa.org
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