Brumder Mansion and Grand Central - Milwaukee

Brumder Mansion and Grand Central - Milwaukee

February  2008!!! - Not for weather  weanies!!!

Street and sidewalk on the left side of the Brumder Mansion - Yes indeed! It snows in Milwaukee!!

View of left side of the Brumder from street.

Side steps leading from sidewalk to a side entrance.

Closer look

View of library windows and side of front porch.

Closeup of front windows

Nook in dining room.
Front  steps and front door and porch. 
 The jovial master of the Brumder - It has 8,000 square feet and 3 floors and a ballroom in the basement, which has a licensed theatre, and can be used to rent out to groups for special events.

Tour of the first floor...

 View of new rug in the entry hall which was purchased after I came home to warm Torrance!

View of staircase from the living room.

The living room

Living room with the new rug purchased after I went home to warm Torrance.

 Antiques in the living room.


Closeup of the fireplace

Dear Cheryl, who is our live-in manager, hostess and in-keeper!!!


Dining Room


Grand Central Next Door

Side View of front entrance and left solarium.

Side view of rest of house. 

View from front steps of Grand Central

Our neighbors to the left - Lutheran Church and the Shriners.


Top of door entrance to Grand Central.

 Standing inside the entrance hall / porch.

Door into the living room.

 Solarium  left of the entrance porch.

View into the left side of the living room.
Solarium on the right of the entry hall / porch - View seen from the right side of the living room.

View of the full living room from the left side.

Closeup of fireplace and cupboards.

Dining Room - Corporate meeting room.

Close up of cupboards

View of yard and Brumder next door.

Door way and short hall leading to the kitchen, which needs some TLC.

The stairway to the huge basement is found on the kitchens north side

Full bathroom next to the kitchen.

Bedroom / office work area for computer employees, next to the downstairs bathroom.

Steps which are located  in the short hall between the dining room and kitchen. Lead to the second floor.

Let's huff up the stairs, shall we?


Nook located half-way up the stairway.

View from second floor down the staircase.

Top of Stairs

Attic room just left of the top of the stairs which is scheduled at some point to have the roof lifted and remodeled into our master bedroom.

Room at far left next to the heater,is a newly remodeled half bathroom, just across from the staircase and next to the attic.


View of 2nd floor hallway. All the rooms are off this hallway.

Room below is on the right, just on the other side of hallway of drawers. This will probably be our temporary bedroom.

 South wall.  Bed will fit in the space on the right.
Walk in closet in this blue room. 

Across the hallway from this room is the private office room for Tom and I.

Closeup of Door 

Rejoicing in anticipation!


A light, sunny room! 

 The hall and fire escape door which was mandated by law for a business. Because we are using the second floor as our private residence, we can loose this door, put in a window and make another storage room  area. The door opens up to a 30 foot fall - Gives me the creeps!!!

View from the large room at the end of the hall, looking back down to the radiator.  this will probably be our TV / fun room for hobbies, etc. 


The space!   I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
View out of the window of the church next door.

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Richard Carr (richard)
Were you able to fix up Grand Central during the past year?
Feb 18, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Grand Central - I will take some pictures this week to show our progress. In 2008, most of the effort has been put into The Brumder Mansion, but we have nice work stations, a furnished bedroom on the second floor, and some decor improvements  in the rooms on the first floor in Grand Central.
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