2005 Christmas

Christmas 2005
The Family began to come 
The House was overrun

Everyone was amazed to see a photo album that wasn't on Keep And Share

The Newlyweds 

The even newly-er newlyweds (note flower child in the bushes)

 The to-be weds
The PV Gothic 

Julie and Tom 

Robert and Andrea
Ian, Rose, Robert, and Andrea

The Galt Gothic

We are a crazy bunch! 

Full family portraits proved to be difficult 
In the end we got it right 
But(t) feelings still ran high 
 To detox we sipped coffee

Explored questions of Nature vs. Nurture

 Showed off presents
 And showed off our moves (Ahh the Father Daughter love)

 The teams were Girls V. Boys, the score? 10 - 7 (with the not so winning team out numberd)

What's it they say? PV Paradise?

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Dec 27, 2005  ( 5 comments )  
Christina Roper (croper)
IAN!  GREAT PHOTO BLOG!  Very creative, I laughed out loud.  What are we all looking at in one of the family picture attempts  I wonder?  And you have such great posture! 
Richard Carr (richard)
This is great!!!!  Loved the photos and the comments!  Thanks for doing it!!!
Monica Galvan (monica)
Ian!!  AWESOME photo blog!  Love the little side by side pictures.  Really captured all of Christmas!
Brigid Barney (brigid)

Hi y'all!   What great photos.   so like they say about all the nuts in CA. is true I see!  those detox photos were about all the eggnog y'all consumed???  and Ian I think you have grown two feet since I saw you last!!!  geez what are you eating??   I need to eat some!   Well keep having fun and hope someday you make it here to the GREAT state of TEXAS and see us!!!


Kathy Carr (kathy)
Ditto on the laughing out loud!  Those family photos are a kick, along with the pink underwear!
Dec 29, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Katharine Carr (katharine)
suuper duper!
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