Our Windows are Complete!!!- Jan 26th 2007

Our Windows are Complete!!!- Jan 26th 2007
Yes indeed!  American Windows did indeed show up with the center payne, which this time was the right size!  Just now have had a little time to share these with you.

Here is a picture of our woe-be-gone old front window.
Removing the caulking which holds the window in place.

Here at last!!!!!

Final step to remove the old glass, while two other men holding the glass.


For the curious: Pictures of the actual installation of new window

Part 2
Mixing plaster to fix the inside wall near the window inside.


 Finishing touches

The Outside is done!!
Measuring and cutting the oak trim for the inside.


Nailing the oak trim in place

The top is the last trim to put in place


The finished inside Oak wood trim!


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Feb 25, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Feb 26, 2007  ( 2 comments )  
Robert Carr (robert)
Julie, how exciting!  It's kind of fitting that it was the main window visible from the street, it looks great from inside & outside now.
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Did you get new drapes to accompany the beautiful new windows?!
Feb 27, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
We are working on getting new "window dressings" AND i'LL BE realllly glad to have them finally up over the windows!
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