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Semana Santa 4: Malaga, Cordoba and videos

Semana Santa 4: Malaga, Cordoba and videos
 the kids all collected these balls of wax made from the dripping candels
 sacred mutilated christ.  that was the name of it.
 i really really like this sculpture.  i interpret it like the dove of peace but also the hand of peace
 more mutilated christ
 allison and her little friend that kept playing with her hair.  his sister was in a stroller behind me and kept kicking me.
 mom smoking with her 2 kids next to her.  wanted to get one of this mom smoking with 2 kids in her lap but woulda been too obvious
the parade was pretty informal in that there was a lot of interaction with the crowd...especially between family members, and kids
 this old man sung from his balcony
 old man with no shirt.
 i was trying to show the mullet...they are all over spain.  and piercings all over the face.  like in the cheeks and stuff. weird.
 the BEST snack EVER.  this baked potato was loaded with butter, olives, cord, ham, carrots and who knows what else. mmmmm!!!!

now this was from today in cordoba where the tronos are called pasos, and which are carried by men underneath which you can't see.  you can see their white feet underneath
 the things that look like turbans on the heads of the ppl in the bottom of the picture are what the guys where on their heads to help them carry the pasos.
 more feet!
So there are 16 videos.  it's too hard for me to put captions on them, so i'll tell you what they are now
1-flashing eiffel tower, 2-semana santa band, 3, 4, 5-tronos, 6-a trono almost hitting a building, 7- drums, 8- singing nuns, 9-men singing as they carry the trono, 10- man singing from the balcony, 11- more drums, 12-band, 13-monet water lillies, 14- a creaking trono, 15-this is the one you should watch if you watch any of them.  it's jesus's sepulcro and it's being carried to chopin's funeral march.  super moving.  16- today in cordoba.  enjoy!!

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