UMW Sunday Service

Jan. 29th 2006 - UMW Sunday Service

Riviera United Methodist Church


An enthusiastic line-up of greeters * ushers * and readers for our UMW Led Service - Some of members of the UMW Executive Board.

Greeters Louise and Mabel in action!

Arlene doing her part; Greeting with a warm smile!

Linda Clark - Usher with a smile!

Usher Carol Base conferring with Sarah Content

Acholytes prepare to light the candles

Here we go!
Alice & I (co-presidents) are on the hot seat to begin with, starting with  opening comments, making church announcements and starting the service with a Call to Worship.  I forgot to remind the congregation to remain standing after they had greeted the people around them.  They had just sat down when we asked them to stand again for the call to worship -- Everyone chuckled a little and so did we!@

 Call To Worship

Singing opening hymn. Alice, Assoc. Pastor Dianne and myself

Children's Time with Rosemary Zettler and her Flower Puppet, telling a story to the children.

Mary Ross had agreed to present the Mission Recognition Service Pin. She begins to read the introduction telling about the recipient about to receive the pin.

UMW Sunday - Mission Recognition Recipient - " The United Methodist Women applaud the unique contributions of persons through its Special REcognition Program.  A contribution in the name of this individual has been made to undesignated programs for UMC/ UMW Mission, nationally and internationally!
Today, our Unit is pleased to recognize the hard work and dedication of one of its members.  As a new board member, this woman immediately took on her job with enthusiasm.  She gathered relevant materials and created a bulletin board to display facts and photos about the work of UMW missions.  She worked hard to get someone to attend the School of Christian Mission.  Not to be deterred by a lack of success, she continued to pursue other aspects of the education and interpretation mission.  Our honoree came to board meetings with new ideas...She was eager to share suggestions and willing to try new programs.  She voiced her thoughts and jumped into help as needed. 
Ever since being a member of the board she has shown her leadership skills.  She quietly goes about doing what needs to be done and we have all grown to appreciate the special woman she is. Riviera United Methodist Women are delighted to present Julie Carr with a Speical Mission Recognition pin! We are pleased to make a donation in Mission as an honor to you. Congratualtions Julie!

YIKES!!   It's me!

Music Director David Wilson  Introduces the Anthem

David Wilson leads the choir, with  Bruce playing the organ.

Board Members spring into action right on cue, while I recover!

Sharon Arey leads the Opening Prayer

Donna Howland leads the Prayer of Confession

Maxine Peak reads the Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures which tie into the main sermon,
Numbers 27:1-12 and 1 Cor. 12:12-26

Sarah Content  - Praying for Others - Morning Prayers

Full Choir on display

Pastor. Dianne gives a wonderful sermon, "Revolutionary Petunias"

Ushers presenting the Tithes and Offerings

Donnie Wilcox  - Prayer of Affirmation, dedicating the offering.

Acholytes put the candles out at the end of the service

The Blesssing

Me, Maxine and Mother

Me with dear friends, Linda Marland and Ritas Smith, both Bell players!

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