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Spain 7: Granada and Madrid

Spain 7: Granada and Madrid

So I went to Granada to meet up with Ellie and Andy (2 ppl from my Inca Venture gap year), and 4 of Andy's pilot friends.  Ellie is studying in Granada and Andy and his friends are just finishing up flight training in Jerez.  I stayed in a hostel with the guys, and this is the view from our rooftop terrace. 
 In granada they give you free tapas when you order a drink, but sometimes they're a little weird!!
 but still good!
 The second day, I piled in the little golf with the 5 boys and we drove up into the mountains.  i think this could be Cali.
 the ski village
 these deck chairs were awesome for napping in the sun.  made me sleepy though!
 the guys left coz they had to get back to jerez and had stuff to do, but that night we had a big bbq at ellie's...this is the shopping for it!
 kitchen entertainment
 this is ellie's room where her friend and i just barely managed to fit
 the next day i went with ellie and a group of her girl friends to the beach, Salobrena, and this is on the way.
 far left Ellie, and her friend Ellie and me.
 the chairs had ridiculous height differences.  this is in a tapas bar...where they served sushi!!
 The day after that we went to the Alhambra
 see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil
 the girls fixing their hair in the reflection.  i was pretty mad about this's in the Alhambra, which we've already paid 13 euro to get into, and we walk in to the museum, and they are like 'where are you from' and the girls are like 'england' and i say the states, and they said that the other 2 could go in but i had to pay.  bullsh*t!  i stromped out of there!!
 another bell setup for dad!
 EU, Andalucia, Spain, Granada
 and that night we went out to a nice dinner.  it's kinda weird in spain because even the really nice restaurants have similar prices to the street places.  it's great!
 from left to right, Lucie (england), ellie and ellie (england), Marrianne (Germany), Aurelie (Belgium)  they're all doing the ERASMUS program which is like a european exchange program.
 ok this is back at my house.  these are 2 of our spanish girlfriends Elena (left) and violeta (right).  we had them over to make cookies.  they didn't turn out that well coz our oven is useless, so the next night elena practically begged me to try it again with her and her bf in his house.  i feel like i actually have a spanish social life!!
 elena, violeta and maggie, my house mate from Middlebury
 we were having sing alongs with youtube
 now this is in Madrid where I went for the weekend.  This is the cape of a 'tuna', university students who serenade women in their balconies from the street.  although we were in a bar, and they were def not all in uni!!
here's a video:

 me and sarah (who allison and i stayed with in Paris, who goes to pomona), and Lauren who is aslo studying in paris and also goes to pomona.
 our new friend willy!
 and in the white our new friend julian!
 julian was going on about how guapa (attractive) and hermosa (beautiful) i am!  hermosa is quite the compliment coz usually they just say guapa.  he asked for my number, but i was like 'i'm studying in cordoba, it's pointless' and he was like well will you at least take a picture with me so that you will have something to remember me by!?  haha.
 Parque de Buen Retiro...the park of madrid
 we rented a row boat...those dock guys were def foto worthy...
 the pda in spain is off the charts, but i thought this was really cute and romantic
 it was 4.40 for 45 min which was really cheap.  and the lake isn't that big, so we just chilled out and napped in the sun.  nice.
 the royal palace.  built by the same guy who constructed Versailles, and it was meant to outshine all other european palaces.  unfortunately we werent allowed to take any pics inside...
although i would like to mention that they had all the signs in english, french spanish and italian.  and in all the museums every title of the piece was in spanish and english exactly as it should be.  stupid french.
 beer vending machines in our hostel
 the stain glass window ceiling in our hostal
 the view from sarah's friend's house
 the symbol of madrid
 these bushes were suuper comfy and soft.  i didn't want to move!
 more napping in the sun...until the security guards kicked us off the lawn...
 and that's it!!  hope you are all well!

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