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Spain 8: The beach!!

Spain 8: The beach!!
So this had to be the BEST weekend (actually trip in general) of my WHOLE time in spain!! no joke!!  4 friends and I (Allison, Maggie, Kesari and John) went to the beach and it was the most amazing time EVER!! 
We first made our way to Cadiz.  I was impressed by this sculpture...??
It was super super windy in Cadiz...I thought I was gonna fall over!!  I was clinging to a light post for safety!  Anyways, next we had to catch a bus to one of the white hillside villages of Vejer de la Fronntera.  In the bus station I made a Spanish friend!  She was really nice.
The countryside where we stayed!!
On the way to our place.  We got picked up by David, the father/husband of the family who owns the hostel.
They're british and have been living out here for 16 yrs!  Hence the steering wheel on the wrong side...we were commenting on how cool the wind mills were so he drove us up there!
It was quite the off roading trip to get to the hostel...he was driving like he really knew the in scaring the crap out of us!!
The house that the family lives in.
Our hostel!  I know, right??  The kitchen/common area was the one in the middle, and the girls' room was on the left, and john was supposedly supposed to sleep in the one on the right but we convinced him to come sleep with us (there were enough beds) so he didn't miss out on all the deep and meaningful slumber party conversations!  Which actually turned into heated discussions about religion but that's cool too...
ahhhh, finally there!  It took a really long time to get here from Cordoba!!
The BEACH!!! finally!!! This is Maggie.
my toes in the sand
one, two, three, jump!  or do we jump on 3??  looks like allison didn't get it...
pina coladas!  so maybe they were 6 euro, but una vez en espana, no??
sunset drinks.  yes, this IS the life.
back making dinner.  Kesari's role in the middle was to demonstrate that we found a bomb station to listen to on the funky old radio we found there, and we had a blast.
btw, the family (David) built the whole thing himself all from local materials he found and gathered!  cool!!
mmmm, dinner!
I got up to watch sunrise.  all by myself.  looks like i'm my father's daughter...
the sun glow on the moon was really incredible!
sunrise behind the windmills...
first light
juan giving me a sheepish grin from the top bunk after an intense pillow war
the next day we decided to walk from our hostel to the nearby nature park pine forest upond the suggestion of David.  We had to cross all sorts of ppls fincas and navigate around/over/under/through a bunch of fences...
had to go under this one...
cactus wall
that tower in the distance was our destination...David promised us that you could easily jump the fence of that old fire lookout and see africa from the top!!
under the electric fence...
it was just sooo cool walking through the grass that was moving like it was water...
snails on the grass!! will someone please explain this to me!!??
mom and dad, i found you a house!!
climbed through a hole that was cut in the fence surrounding the tower, but still had to climb over this part...
from the top.
AFRICA!! yep, it's there in the distance.   i promise...
John was in love with this canteen.  He found it hanging on the wall in the hostel (btw we had the place all to ourselves!!), and tried to buy it off David, but David wouldn't give it to him coz it's his son's, and his son was in the hospital for having his appendix out, and couldn't freely give it away (or sell it).  bummer.
house boat.  house.
after an adventure of trying to find the beach from the pine forest we finally made it.
a whole bunch of kite boarders!!
yes, yes, maggie and i went topless...
my hand in the sand
ring a bell anyone??
nope, not posed.  i caught them!  this couple was being SERIOUSLY scandalous on the beach.  if this isn't an advertisement for why you may or may not want to come to southern spain, i dunno what is.  no, she has no top on.  wow.
lucky that my camera has an led flashlight built in or it mighta been a bit harder to make it back to the hostel safely!!
so mom and dad, i've decided that you should move to some random country, and start a hostel business like David and Jane.  The point of this pic is that there was a couple sitting at this table drinking wine and watching the sunset.  no reason this couldn't be you guys!!!
ahhh, after our big adventure that day we finally get back to our champagne!!
and cheeze and bread and olives.
yep, my swiss army knife came in super handy.
oh and chocolate.  dark chocolate. 
dark lindt chocolate.  i am again my father's daughter...
but i was no content to merely eat my chocolate.  oh no.  i wanted it melted!! so i held it over the candle till it was almost dripping then ate some then repeated.  the idea caught on.
multiple person back massages.
hitch-hiking (auto-stop) the next day to the beach!  we stopped an Austrian woman.
and stuck John in front.
yep, sangria at the beach.  mmmmmm
spanish sisters wrestling on the beach.  it was really cute.
allison and i in the water.  very refreshing.
reminds me of what mom and dad did with me when i was little!  love seeing the families together!!
house mates!!
sausage spread.  interesting... definitely the boy that bought that one...
Vejer, the white city
and that's it!  It was SUPER hard to leave there and come back to cordoba.  really didn't want to come back :( but i only have 2 nights here then i'm off on my 5 day road trip!! woohooo!!!
miss you all and love you!!

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