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Spain 9: Road Trip- Salamanca

Spain 9: Road Trip- Salamanca
Plaza Mayor!  It's supposed to be the best plaza in Espana, which I'm not sure about.  Well as far as the plaza itself goes i'm not sure it's the coolest, but it definitely was awesome with all the people that were there in the afternoon/evening.
 church squished between new buildings
 HUGE dog!!
 inside the cathedral
 they call spiral stairways 'snail stairways' for relatively obvious reasons...
 more storks!
 the old university
 on the head of the left most skull is the frog which you are supposed to look for and if you find it on your own it's supposed to give you good luck.
 lecture hall!
 and another...
 really cool old library
 nuns on a day out!!
 Convento de San Esteban
 St. Stephen being stoned to death...
 ice cream...
 and cards!!
 it was grad day in Slamanca so everyone was dressed up crazy and partying hard core.  You can see in this blurry picture the graduate with the yellow ribbon, and if you look at the man next to the woman taking a picture that's like the dad and he has one of those helmets on where it holds 2 beers and you have a straw to drink from both of them at the same time.  and on top of the pizza box he's holding there's another one for someone who's in the photo.
 the plaza ended up being like 3 times as full as it is now.  it was really cool
 grandpa and grandkid out for a day in the park
 good old grandma letting granddaughter rest on her lap!!
 the point of this ride is for the kids to stand up and hit the big balloon things as they go around.  i feel like that would definitely not be encouraged at home!!  look at the girl with the helmet on!!
 this little girl (dressed rather provocatively) was really into it!!
 Plaza Mayor at night
 skanky mom with cigarett pushing the kid late at night in the stroller...
 we stayed in the new dorm rooms for the uni of salamanca and the rooms were wayyyy better than anything pomona would ever give us!!
 they come with refrigerator and microwave!! no fair!!
 and a ton of closet space...
 and everyone has their very own bathroom with shower/bath tub, sink and toilet!!
 and it comes with a phone!!  and lamps!!
 here's the hallway.  it was really cool to get to stay in a dorm here.  i felt really at home!
 the point of this pic was the incredible purple wildflowers in the field where the cows are grazing...
 ok this is to again demonstrate the ridiculouslness of the roads in spain.  basically, if you were teleported onto a road, you would have no idea if it was for one way or 2 way traffic until you saw the sign in the next picture.
 this means that cars are coming in the other direction.  if both cars were black that would mean that both of the lanes are for cars going your direction.  they come along about as often as speed limit signs, so if you've ever been on the road wondering what the speed limit is and have had to wait until a sign came along, just think of that same situation but wondering if a car is going to be coming toward you in the left lane or if you can be there and not worry!!
 a TON of solar panels!!
 Belmez. One of the guys who live's in my friend John's apartment is from here, and John has gone home with him here for the weekend
 Cordoba.  The weather might look bad, but it's like 85.
 had to make way for these guys...
 more cruces de mayo on my walk back home
 this is the one right by my house
 and that's it!  sorry it was so much.  till next time!!

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