Browser Image resize test

Browser Image Scaling Test
The actual images were created by using Google Picasa to export them in the varying sizes and then they all were uploaded at the huge size so KAS did not do any shrinking.  The others (browser resize) all that the 900 by 600 image and use the browser to resize the image.
Conclusion: (Do you agree??)
1) Sadly (in IE 7 not Firefox 3) I can tell a significant degradation of the browser resize photos that I think may rule out us using it unless we can verify that is what the other sites are doing.  Look at the middle of the red lines in the "C" of Congratulations.  Also look at the red and blue stars on the white table cloth, they are not as sharp in the browser resize photos
2) The browser resize works worst in the smallest two sizes (even in Firefox 3)

Full size 900 by 600
browser resize to 750 by 500 from 900 by 600 image
Actual 750 by 500
browser resize to 600 by 400 from 900 by 600 image
Actual 600 by 400
browser resize to 450 by 300  from 900 by 600 image
Actual 450 by 300
browser resize to 300 by 200  from 900 by 600 image
Actual 300 by 200
browser resize to 150 by 100  from 900 by 600 image
Actual 150 by 100

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