The Great Family Birthday Celebrations: 4/29/06

The Great Family Birthday Celebrations: 4/29/06

The Boat Trip Around San Pedro Harbor
(My efforts to take pictures on the digital camera are getting better! No one has anything coming out of their heads ha ha.)
Andy and Rob, Aaron and other family in the background all looking forward to our boat trip!


Tom, Jennifer and Ian all in a great mood - mugging for the camera!
Nancy and Rob, Aaron and Christina and Katharine
Kathy and Oscar

Katharine, Tom and Will
Nancy and Dan
 Monica and Oscar


Tom on the stairs, who went down to take pictures and visit with family who moved to lower deck.

Tom is enjoying the ride

Back to 2841 for Dinner, Fellowship and Birthday fun!

Father and son - Dad and Rob having a serious exchange of thoughts.

Aaron, Kathy and Oscar
Will is telling a story, entertaining the cousins and Tom

Oscar and Monica having fun with the camera, while Aaron enjoys Will's story.

THE CAKES FOR DAD, TOM AND ROB - The three birthday boys!!!

Tom Jr's  Banana Cake!  Perfect for his double nickles birthday!
I love the sunflowers! DAd's 80th birthday cake!!

All that chocolate... Yum!!!  Rob is 50, and what a great way to celebrate with chocolate!

Well, here they all are - Ready to start the party!!  Thankyou Dan for taking these for me.  It's nice to know someone so tall, who could take pics above the sea of cameras ready for this grand event!!
About to blow out their candles, as soon as the family finishes singing Happy Birthday!

Rob is caught in the act of blowing them out!   

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May 8, 2006  ( 3 comments )  
May 9, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Christina Roper (croper)
great photoblog Aunt Julie!
May 10, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Katharine Carr (katharine)
great pictures mom!
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