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Morocco 4- Marrakesh

Morocco 4- Marrakesh
Unfortunately these pics are really out of order.
this is on the train from Fes to Marrakesh. we ended up in a compartment with some really sketchy guys so we ended up switching.
famous mosque
spider webs!!!
me under all our luggage on the way to the train in marrakesh. and to think that i left more than what i brought in cordoba!!
my new robe
main square in marrakesh. world heritage site and one of our fav places!!
royal palace
they all sell nuts or OJ
more royal palace
square during the day
snake charmers!!!
royal palace
monkeys in the boxes
our hostel was through the arch way
our street
we payed these guys like 100 times more than we should have...
big cobra
how they determine the price for jewelry
our street
amy loves jewelry
my new sandals!!
dyers souk
really out of place phone shop
lambs head soup is a delicacy. the eat everything but the eyes. we didnt try it.
our dinner at the food stalls. you sit at communal tables
moroccan pastries are really not as good as they look
verry spicy cinnamon tea.
deserted streets very early in the morning on our way to meet our desert tour
same square
an arabic stop sign!
really hot on the bus. we bought fans
i got a pretty one
amy got an ugly one
on the way to the desert
matching rings we got for free!!
def some singing on the bus
they use donkeys and mules for everything. even as garbage trucks
our scottish friend Alina we met in essouira with this adorable little dog she and amy were in love with
on the way to the desert
on the way to the desert
on the way to the desert. nooo i have not gotten that fat. that is a combo of the huge money belt and the wind blowing the poofy top. promise!!
more to follow...

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