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Morocco 5- Marrakesh

Morocco 5- Marrakesh
on the way to the desert
beads!! in essouira
fresh fresh orange juice straight from the orange with nothing else
my new hoodie!! when there are no mirrors this is how we try things on
amy, me and alina all got more henna.  but this time it STUNG when we got it...
mountain football pitch
ugly shoes
a friend of a friend...named Yassine. 22yo moroccan
royal tea they made for us
mountain road on the way to the desert
fish market!!
katya, another girl from the hostal, german, beautiful voice, music clinical therapist, loved to sing with buskers.
on the way to the desert
amy and alina´s new best friend
women carrying lots
essouira. btw, its on the coast
moroccan crepes...with moroccan nutella!!
the houses are made of mud. and yes they do get washed away when it rains and rebuilt every year.  brialliant right!? not...
old pizza...this is our cabin in the over night train back to tangier
cool geological formations
sand castle.  for real.
really it was a castle of mud
ouazazate, where we drove through and stopped for lunch on the way to the desert, was where they filmed Bable and Gladiator.  it has lots of studios.  this is one
dam where we went swimming.  it was so hot that it was worse to have the windows of the minibus open coz it felt like you had a hot blow dryer on your face.  it was seriously cooler to wear turbans!!
went in in my clothes
italian woman in front of us.  amusing nails for a camel trek...
this is nothing compared to what some cars had on the roof!!
sand storm!!
this kasbah is where they filmed lawrence of arabia, abraham and ali baba.  it´s on the 50 note as well.
amy has learned the trick of holding her top down while mine blowing in the wind makes me look like a monster. damn you fanny packs!!
the old butter churner
the claws again
our driver was a legend.  looked like a mouse and had the mose incredible squeeky voice
how they build the new ones.  then they cover it with mudd looking stuff
almost to the desert...

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