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Visiting Emily Hansen's Shares (account name: erh02005)
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Morocco 6- Desert!

Morocco 6- Desert!
a random hostel we stopped to look at...
Berber super market.  seriously.  the berber are the ´real´moroccans that live in the mountains.  all really dark with blue eyes!!
our hotel!
only bottle of wine the whole trip.  couldnt finish it between the 2 of us.
good times
cumin and salt or pepper!
brilliant idea of putting honey out for bfast the next morning...
verrry clever...
they change the dams every day to direct water to a different place
our group! a dutch couple, 2 single english guys and an italian couple
had to pay after for this pic.
bought this one
toudra gorge
keeping the drinks cool
this pool is actually reallly deep, and i was about to jump in but for whatever reason a guard was standing there and wouldnt let me go in.  it was sooo hot too.  talk about temptation!!
claws again!!
sand storm
fossil place
aquarium table.  put fish and water in it and cover it with glass. cool idea!!
desert rose
saharan desert dunes!!
yes, we paid like 5 euro to jump in.  but in the saharan desert this was a god send!!
no, it is not comfortable to ride a camel. specially for guys...
and it is harder than you would think to get on it!!
amy got to know the camel guy pretty well.
very cool.
another camel caravan
oops, the train broke.
berber camp
camel poops.
we climed this dune.  hard work!!
our camp
and a few more...

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