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Visiting Kurt Amber's Shares (account name: kramer293)
Kurt and Jen's Honeymoon

Kurt and Jen's Honeymoon
Airport in Kauai....Tired and Sweaty after a loooooong trip.  
 Jen checking in at the Marriott
Room at the Marriott 
Beach view #1 
Beach view #2 
Beach view #3 
 Local weather service....luckily the Coconut was never gone!
 Grass grows like on a golf course green right up to the sand.
 Jen waiting to have some breakfast!
 Jen at the beach
 One of 2 Parrots that hang out at the Marriott
 View of the Pool
Another...biggest pool in Kauai.  4ft all around.
 and another
 View of the pool from our room
 View of the beach from our room.
 Another view from our room
 Chickens are everywhere in Kauai...even roaming around in some restaurants looking for food!
 Jen getting some rest!
 Silver Falls Ranch (Northern Kauai)
 Jen getting on a horse.
 Jen again
 test driving the horse
 getting pulled over for speeding...
 Jen having a disagreement with her horse
 Me on my horse
 A stop along the Silver Falls ranch tour
 This water was pretty cold!
 Jen posing with a duck thing the tour guide placed here. 
 Posing in front of the small waterfall/lagoon.
 Jen giving her horse a treat to try to win her over!
 Looks like it worked!!  Jen and the horse are both smiling now.

Ok maybe just Jen is smiling...but as I've heard far too often from others "Happy Wife, Happy Life".

Look at the size of that Butt!!

Just a random pic on the tour...

Jen following the pack.

Because you've always wanted my face filling up your screen...

Not a good shot...but a location for Jurassic Park

 Jen and I at the end of the tour 
At a beach up the shore from our resort (If I didn't have such a beautiful wife...I would have been zooming in on
the girls in the background)
 More aggressive waves at this spot
 At the Marriott heading for a Luau.
 Jen at the Luau
 Getting used to taking a photo of both of us (still haven't learned how to use the timer yet!!)
 Parading the Pig around that was cooked for the Luau
 Teaching some participants how to do the Hula
 Jen waiting for some dinner!
Another Luau pic 
 They're advertising the sheet they wear for people to buy
 Showing all the different ways you can wear it...males and females
 Hula #2
 Hula #3
 Jen changing into one of MY shirts after being told she's going to get real dirty on the ATV tour.
 Feeling a little like the Great Gazoo from the Flintstones
 Cows from the Kipu Ranch tour
 We were forced to wear the bandanas by the way....we would pull them up over our mouths when it got dusty.
Cows again 
This picture is where they filmed a part of Jurassic Park.  When the scientist ran with his niece and nephew beside
some small dinosaurs...then a T-Rex came running in and scooped up one of the small dinosaurs...there was a log
they hid behind that was digitally added to this area
Another shot of the same thing.  Apparently Michael Creighton who authored Jurassic Park is from Kauai
so he knew of some of the areas where they could shoot for the movie.
Tour guide mentioned something about King Kong? being filmed over on the mountain top...didn't see the movie though. 
 Listening to the tour guide
 Scenic view
 Scenic view #2
 Another shot of the King Kong background
 Jen hanging out
 Scenic view #3
 Tour guides teaching riders about tipping over on a Quad
We're told that there are more wild Pigs (and chickens I'm sure) then residents on Kauai 
 This is the same location as in the fist Indiana Jones movie when Harrison Ford came running down a hill and swung
on a vine into the river where a water plane was waiting for him.  This isn't the same rope, but there was still part of
the original rope up in the tree.  Apparently they tried to take off in the plane and almost crashed because the river
is too narrow.  So they filmed that part on a wider river in Oahu I believe.
 I'm only holding my nose because I'm sure that's what Harrison Ford did ;-)
We were told that he did most of his own stunts and took a few falls before he made it out to the river.
Hadn't rained much before we got there...so the waterfall was minimal. 
 Jen feeding a stray cat at the picnic site
 valley where the river fed into the ocean
 One with Jen and me
 Pheasant and Pigs being fed by the tour guide to keep them coming back for tourists
 Waterfall #2.  I didn't swim at this one...water didn't look too good.
 Kauai homes.  I'm told these would go for 300-400K!!
 More homes
 And some more
Koi Pond at the Marriott on our last day 
 Jen and I flying from Kauai to Maui
 Walking down the street in Lahaina, Maui
 Living room of the Kaanapali Beach Club (Formerly Embassy Suites)
Kitchen area 
Huge bathroom 
 Here you can see into the bedroom from the bathrooms
Private Lani for our room (11th floor....kind of high for us!) 
 Hotel View #1
 Hotel view #2
 Hotel view #3
 shot of the hotel from the beach
 looking left
looking right 
Jen being mad at me for taking another picture...but smiling anyway!!!   
Sunset at the hotel 
After being observed not being able to work the self timer...a passer by offered to take the picture of us in front of the
sunset for us.  
Old Lahaina 
 Old Lahaina #2
 Old Lahaina #3
 Weird tree formation in Old Lahaina
 Jen on the dinner cruise
 Nice Rainbow behind
 Maui coast
 Dinner cruise
 Waitress took this of us
Sunset on dinner cruise 
 Sunset #2
 Sunset #3
 Koi pond at the Kaanapali Beach Club
Jen bored while we're on our way to the Helicopter tour 
In the helicopter...before realizing that my fear of heights...although not an issue on planes...is not a good thing
for a helicopter!!
 Lift off
 You can see my hand holding the handle. 
 Heading up to a dormant volcano that they expect should errupt sometime in the not to distant future.
Apparently it's about 15 years overdue as it's in an approximate 200 year cycle.
 No one told me the Helicopter would be above the clouds!!
 Research station on top of volcano
These next few are the crater at the top left from last erruption 
 Can you tell I'm mad the pilot is taking our picture when he should be concentrating on flying the helicopter??
You can see the area from the last lava flow 
These next pictures are the northern coast of maui where the Road to Hana would be 
 Returning to Airport
 Right after they picked me off the ground and telling me I shouldn't be kissing the pavement
Small Spiner Dolphins on our way to snorkeling 
 Didn't want to ruin camera...so no more pictures of snorkeling
 And finally Jen wondering if I'll ever put the camera down...getting ready to go Jet Skiing on our last day in Maui!

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