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(sample) You can use gorgeously large photos

You Can Use Gorgeously Large Photos
When you upload photos to KeepAndShare, you have the option of choosing one of four sizes:  small, medium, large, and huge.  Scroll down to see what these four sizes look like.
Your photo blogs will be most interesting if your vary the size of your photos - this creates visual interest.  Use the large and huge photo sizes for your best photos where you want to show detail.  Use medium and smaller for the rest of your photos.
When you scroll to the bottom of this demo photo blog, we'll show you how you can also resize any photo once it's inside of the KeepAndShare editor.
An advantage of uploading photos to KeepAndShare in the smaller sizes is the photos will download faster when your visitors are viewing them.
Small (400 pixels across) - excellent for use in side-by-side layouts.
Medium (600 pixels across) - a great size to use most of the time.
Large (800 pixels across) - shows lots of detail, but takes longer for your visitors to download
whey they are viewing your page.
Huge (970 pixels across) - this is so large it will fill the entire browser window on standard "1024" monitors.
Resize your photos in KeepAndShare
Regardless of the size you chose when uploading your photo to KeepAndShare, you can always resize your photos after they are inserted into a KeepAndShare photo blog.
To resize a photo in the editor, simply click on the photo.  "Handles" will then appear on the borders and corners.  Grab any of the handles and resize.  
Here is a photo that was uploaded at the "small" (400 pixel) size
into KeepAndShare, and it's size has not been changed:
Small (400 pixels across)
Here is the same photo after I clicked on it, notice the resize handles at the corners and edges:
But by clicking on the photo and dragging it's resize handles, you can resize it to be
smaller, much smaller, larger, or even shorter or taller:
Of course, only make it short or tall if you want to have the distortion effects!
 Click on Help in KeepAndShare for additional information on working with photo blogs.

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