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(sample) 15 Rules for Great Photo Blogs

15 Rules for Great Photo Blogs
Six Rules for Great Photo Blogs
  1. Have a story to tell - think about it ahead of time and think how your photos will support the story line.
  2. Have headlines and captions that support and fulfill the story.
  3. Vary the sizes of your photos.
  4. Have lots of white space.
  5. Use attractive and varied formatting techniques.
  6. Less is more - don't include all your photos!  Edit, edit and edit again.  Only include your very best and most compelling photos.  Your friends love you, but nobody likes looking at dozens of photos.
Nine Rules for Great Headlines and Captioning
  1. Align your captions with your photos.  E.g., if your photo is centered, make sure your caption is centered.
  2. Insert a single carriage return between your photo and your caption.  This opens up just a little space and make it easier to read the caption.
  3. Use a 12 pt. font size. Make sure your caption is in an easily readable font size -  12 is terrific, 14 pt. can also be good, or, if you're using 10 pt. font consider bold facing it to make it more readable.
  4. Use the Verdana font for your captions. Tests show it is the easiest to read.
  5. Keep your captions short.  If you find yourself writing entire paragraphs, consider having a short caption, followed by a separate paragraph.
  6. Make sure your caption text color has a high contrast with the background color of your photo blog, so the text really stands out.
  7. Don't use large fonts for your caption text.   Save the big point sizes for headlines.
  8. Use larger font sizes and bold face for an occasional headline.  Headlines can break up a photo blog into compelling sub sections.   Consider using a different color for your headline text so it stands out.
  9. DON'T USE ALL CAPS.  It seems as if you are shouting, and tests show that all caps is much harder to read than mixed case text.

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