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Fernie's 15th Birthday Party

Fernie's 15th Birthday Party
 Yankee's cake....but we all know it's about the DODGERS!! oh ya!! lol

 Fernie and Sis Veronica

 Woah!! Watch out for that knife sis V....hahahahaha

 Peter taking a picture of the cake

 Mmm.....time to cut the cake!!

 Wait!! I don't remember getting a piece : (

 Ronnie and Margaret looking at the photo's with her new camara....nice!
 Juelz all mad....smile bro....JESUS loves you!! hahahahaha

 Michelle stretching before the BIG game

 Fernie....pick me!! LOL

 Cruz "trying" to feed one of the twins some cake
 That's cori after her foot injury from softball
"see i'm not in pain" smile

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