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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend
[Let the journey begin]

Val - Me - Tania
Trying to be cute!

Val thinking she's cute

Hurry Val....aww! too late!! LOL

 Tania "trying" to block the view


 Take a shot of this....hahahahaha

 Wanna be super models.....hehehehehe

 Val trying to take the spot light!

Move out the way!!

 LSH [laughing so hard]

 Tania's wanna be big booty


 OMG!! I can't stop laughing!!

 Val thinking she's super women

 us girls all serious now

Trying to be all cute!

Me and da homie!!

What's that smoke right there??


EW! Scary!!

Fake smiles....hahahahahaha

What the heck is Val doing?? LOL

Me and tania

on our way to Friday's

Chillin at Friday's

All of us dorks
Bobby, Tania, Val, Ray & Me

Me and Sylvia

Us Girls at Friday's

It's Rootbeer!!!! LOL

Tania - Nancy - Me
Man we go way back!!

The end

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