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Mom's Visit

Mom's Visit in April '07
Does she look like me? My mom na!
With my Aunti
Infront of Fukuoka Dome
This is a way of dumping old materials in Japan
On a JR train to the party in Fukuoka
My sister, Im, with my Aunti
Food cooking time!
Showing Tomomy san!
Making Khmer Patte
Cheers! with Beppu Ookasan
My mom's performing khmer curry cooking!
Before the party ended!
Waiting for the next JR train to come!
Kitta Kyushu tour to my Kyoko mom
We all looked fresh!
A Japanese thrine
Khmer or Japanese style?
Nice Patche!
Sushi/rice ball in mom Kyoko's house!
How to start?
She still looks very young i think! Who is older?
Nice style! How did my sister pick up this motion?
Wow, still very cold for my mom!
So thirsty huh? On the way to Nagazaki!
Who took the picture? Oh, Ratanak san! Sakai san, the biggest guy!
Nice bumping water!
China Town in Nagazaki
Night view on top of a mountain
Toyomy san, massage specialist!
In my room!
Beppu Okaa san with my Aunti
Snack time in Nokono shima
Nice huh Im!
I like this view not my only my sister
Before getting on for a safari tour
Who were in the cage?
All kind friends who took us to safari park, Ooita
Little donkey
Look so playful!
They liked the trunks behind
Tricky! Nothing on her hand
Relax and smile!
Nice Lunch break!
Oh, artificial one!
Im broke the pig's leg i think!
Yes, much closer now!
After getting off from it!
Lunch at Okaasan's house
Her daughter, with glasses one
Wow, very warm, two moms!
After lunch i think!
Japanese girl's style!
These food were totally digested!
Japanese food
Nice these ones!

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May 24, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
6:27 pm
Doug and Doris Campbell (douglas210)
Wow, Ix, great looking pictures of your mother, aunt and sister's visit!!  How come you didn't say anything to me about your mother's visit?! 
May 28, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
3:29 am
Sanghouv Kang (sangkang)
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