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01 - Tijuana


Tijuana is a city of over 1 million people.  It is a city of stark contrasts.  As one crosses the border and walks into Tijuana, the smells of elotes (corn on the cob) mixed with churros and voices yelling "one dollar" fill the air.  At first glance, one only sees beautiful artesenia (crafts), painted donkeys to take their picture with, signs in English screaming great food and low prices.  With another glance, one may see women offering to braid their hair, or men offering cheap beer in their club. 
But if you keep walking your eyes see more.  You may see the red light district where girls with horrific childhoods come to Tijuana to try and find work, a better life, but after months of searching found nothing but an empty stomach, so turned to prostitution to survive.  If you keep looking you will see two black and white lifestyles.  You can drive through a Beverly Hills type area with beautiful homes, but if you keep driving and look out into the hillsides you will see little shacks.  Tijuana is a city of great need. 

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