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Visiting Doug Campbell's Shares (account name: partnersforchrist)
02 - La Arena (The Church)

 La Arena (The Local Church)
Grupo Unidad Cristiana

These are pictures of the church I will be serving with.  It is a megachurch in Tijuana, Mexico.  It has 5 services over the weekend.  The body of Christ is connected through cell groups that meet all throughout the week in different homes of brothers and sisters in Christ.  La Arena has many different ministries.  For example, they have La Escuela de Capacitación y Formación Cristiana (E.C.F.C.) which is a Biblical school for adults that meets weekly. It consists of 8 courses that each last 16 weeks.  They also have a Christian elementary school that is held at the church during the week .  There is a counseling ministry of about 40 counselors who go to elementary schools, high schools, prisons, etc.   They also have a prison ministry where they are ministering to approximately 250 people weekly. 

My main focus of service will be to the college students.  Every Saturday afternoon they have a high school/college service with about 200 youth attending.  My focus will be to use TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) as a tool to reach the college students of Tijuana.  The local Christians will also be welcome to the ESL classes with the intention of  inviting someone to follow them as they follow Christ and to be used to make disciples of God! 

Below are pictures of one of the Sunday morning services.


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