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Visiting Ix Hour's Shares (account name: hourix)
Seminar in Obihiro, Hokkaido

Seminar in Obihiro, Hokkaido
Transit time in Tokyo International Airport
Naked girl statue in Obihoro historical museum
Near OBIC center
Nice view!
Beer is my friend ~ Vietnamese guys, Ha and Duy
Giant elephant in ancient time!
My group were presenting~my pumpkin product! Nice huh!
Nur and Beth
In the seminar session
What a pity cow! So confined...
They are standing on smelly cow dung...
Too hot to stand...
Organic farm's potato product
Why the two girls were so happy with the camera?
Beautiful view with nice guy!
A little bit drunk...but still handsome...
Happy before unexpected thing happened...
The Chinese fellow, Ly, was the most active guy in the group
Even dancing with his typical chinese tranditional dance
What happened to him?
So happy huh!
Still fresh...
What were they doing?
Pesentation time then!
Japanese farmer's housing condition in Obihiro
All 15 members
Me and my friend's family in Obihiro
Philippino friends

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