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Visiting Doug Campbell's Shares (account name: partnersforchrist)
05 - Spanish Language School

Spanish Language School
After an awesome week in Ensenada, I went to Tijuana, did laundry, visited with Oscar and headed back to Ensenada with a new suitcase for a week at an intensive Spanish Language Institute to work on my grammar. 
 It was such a blessing to see Oscar and to talk in person, after two months of talking on the phone. 
 The Mexico flag in the center of Ensenada. 
My class.  They keep the size small, so there were only 4 of us.  Sebastion, Julieta, and Jessie. 
My teacher was very sweet.  She is from Oaxaca.  She is an excellent teacher with a big heart. 
I stayed with a host family, with 2 other students. 
On my last day, Oscar came and visited me and together we went to the little pueblito to visit the kids that I had spent time with the week before.  They were so suprised to see me.  It was a blessed day.  We played soccer with Jesus and his family.  Then after soccer, Oscar started asking them what they knew about Jesus.  Oscar walked them through what it meant to accept Jesus into their heart and then asked them if they wanted to repeat the prayer after him.  And they did!!!!!!!  I will never ever forget the sound of their sweet, innocent, precious child-like voices repeating the prayer after Oscar, accepting the Lord into their hearts!  I am beginning to grasp more why Jesus told us to come like a child, and to have child like faith. Please pray that this prayer they said is a start to a life long devotion to our Lord and Savior!  
Then we went to my car and I had bought a Bible for kids for them.  We explained how it is God's precious Word, and how this is their guide to life.  We encouraged them to read it everyday.  We put Jesus (the oldest) in charge of the Bible and encouraged him to read it aloud to the others daily!  It was so neat, because they recognized the importance and respected it as God's Word.  As we were leaving I heard them asking Jesus if they could borrow it and they we're all looking at it together.  They wanted to have the Bible in the picture as well.  Please pray that they truly will read it.  That the Lord will grant them understanding even as children.  That it will give the comfort when they are lonely and missing their parents.
 The we went to visit kids in Sergio's neighborhood. 
 We played different Mexican games, and ended with a long game of hide and go seek!
 The girls hiding behind the bathroom.  I love their smiles!
 Lots of hugs and kisses before they would let us leave.
Ellie and I :)  
 The girls were so cute with Oscar.  At first they were all shy and giggly, and wouldn't go near him, they would try to hide behind me, but then they adored him. 

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Aug 20, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
3:11 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  This was a great start for your ministry there and you and Oscar make a great team!!! Awesome! Te quiero, Mamita
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