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Graceland Tour Pics

Graceland Tour Pics
While we were in Memphis, we went to Graceland.
It was something I've always wanted to see, and I loved every second of it.  I highly recommend the $30 package if you have the means.  The self-guided audio tour was spectacular.  It even has sound clips of Lisa Marie and the king himself.
The Heartbreak Hotel, at the end of Lonely Street
Christina & I in front of the humble abode.
Living room
Elvis's parents bedroom
The dining room
The kitchen, which looks like your average 70s kitchen, pretty simple
Pool room, note the pleated fabric on the walls and
mirrored staircase down to the basement
The tv room, note the 3 tvs, so he could watch all 3 main networks at once, because he heard President Nixon did that.  The monkey on the coffee table is a little spooky, but otherwise this is a very cool room.
The Jungle Room with custom waterfall, fur chairs, and green shag carpet, floor AND ceiling...Elvis recorded his last couple albums in this room.
More of the jungle room
White fur round bed from his wardrobe room
gun collection.  His favorite was the turquoise one, which has his initials in the handle
the backyard, and back of the house
Horse pasture
The surprisingly small pool
The lounge in his raquetball building.  He spent the last morning of his life here, playing the piano and singing with his friends.
The raquetball room which now houses his show clothes and paraphenalia.  Elvis loved to play raquetball.
The grave of the king.  Note the TCB at the bottom of the gravestone which was his logo during the 70s, "Taking Care of Business"
Christina Anne (with her Elvis shirt on) in front of the Lisa Marie
It's quite a jet, talk about traveling in style.

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Sep 7, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Can you explain more about the meaning of "Taking Care of Business" as his logo?  And what are three of his biggest hits?  It would be fun to hear some of his music.
Sep 16, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Darla Sisson-Long (childrenofthehour)
Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it very much!
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