hot springs and chateau

hot springs and chateau

This was a weekend getaway on the bike while I was between semesters at TRU.  We rode past Whistler to Pemberton and then into Meager Creek.

Meager (sometimes spelled Meagher) Hot Springs are in the recently-active Garibaldi Volcanic Belt. There is still intense interest in developing geothermal energy from the magma chambers not far under the surface. The area is tectonically active resulting in a lot of landslides in these beautiful valleys.

Meager's source waters have a median temparture of 166F with high temps of over 366F. Of course, mixture with the ice-cold water of the nearby Meager Creek keep the temps reasonable.

Only the daring try Meager Creek volcanic hot springs in fall

October 26, 2008 · Print This Article

When you’re looking for a little sanctuary, a wilderness hot spring does it every time. And there’s nothing like bathing in the most geologically active corner of Canada to up the adventure ante.

Here I slither into the top pool.  After five minutes it was vertigo city.

This little waterfall is from the top pool.  Really friggin' hot.
It was even more relaxing than it looks.

I found this spot in the lower pools.  There is a small waterfall right behind my head.  Sweet spot.

Now straight into  Meagher Creek which is alpine.

The longest I could stay in was three or four seconds.

Back on the bike and into Whistler for our one time only stay at the Chateau Whistler.


The pool straight ahead had tunes underwater.  Groovy.

Chillin' ...
like a villian.

I'll just stand here in Whistler Village and look famous.


Gearing back up for the ride down to the coast.

Boogeying through Squamish.

Some where south of Squamish.
Made the ferry!  Here is the Suzuki in full baggage mode.

And yet another boring ferry ride home.


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