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Visiting Lloyd E Roberts's Shares (account name: boaters)
2nd Sunday Local Cruise Jan 11 , 2009

2nd Sunday Local Cruise Jan 11 , 2009
I've added some captions to the pictures
I don't know the names of some of the boats or the people on them
Also spelling is not my strong suit. So if I get some things wrong
then E Mail me and I will fix it.
Waiting around "SS" mark
Maine Squeeze heads out toward Santa Monica
Come on Guys, Let's go
Very broad reach, lite wind, not very fast
Energizer II is getting ready to go
Green in Between and Holik iII
Bobbi and John Mesa Catalina 320
Ruth and Brian Ekland Orion 27
The Catalina 25 "Betty Jane" With Skipper Barbara Clendenim joins us.  
Green in Between is certainly a "shippy" little boat
"Fat Tuesday" joins us for the first time. It's an Ericson 25+
I think the Skipper is Ivan Allen. Please send me the names of your crew.
Hove to and waiting for everyone else to show up.
Still waiting!!
Chris Corey on "Mackinac" joins us again.
Getting ready to head back towards Santa Monica
The wind s are still pretty lite.
Holokai II Hove to.
We had plenty of wind on the way back to the Marina, but it was right on the nose.
We gained a few folks at the dock party that didn't make the cruise
Maybe next time
Treasurer Roz and Commodore Ron
I don't believe a word of it.
What are John and Mike plotting?
Fran Holloman and Mike and Niki
Godfather Dave.
Roger and Wilson
Mia and Lou with our newest member
I think it's "Sharon". Spank me if I'm wrong.
Wilson and Robin Shepard. Who's in the middle?
It's the Skipper and crew of "Fat Tuesday"

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