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Transformed Children!
Lakshmi, is now named Hannah. Coming from a Hindu family, Hannah's father died. Her mother became a Christian after the death of Hannah's father. Being rejected by their Hindu family, Hannah and her mother had nowhere to live.
This is Hannah and her mother in front of their new house that ws built by Hannah's sponsor.
L. Hannah 2009!
Hannah Lakshmi at Christmas 2009!
Luke and Sister Hannah Mythili!
This is Mithily Hannah  and her brother, Luke Sujesh. Their sponsors have named them
Hannah and Luke. They are brother and sister. Their mother has committed suicide
and they were abandoned by their father.
We took Luke to care for at Grace Garden and Hannah's aunt took her
 to care for her. Now Hannah's aunt also hung herself. Now we have Hannah and Luke
to love and care for at Grace Garden Children's Home.
Hannah M. 2009!
Luke 2009!
Little Angel
Little Angel has no father. She and her mother's hut and all their belongings were
swept away in the Tsunami. Little Angel lives at Grace Garden Children's Home
and is getting a private education and learning of the love of Jesus.
Angel 2009!
This is how the children were transported in 2004 before our prayer was answered for a vehicle.
Esther Prithivi
Prithivi, named Esther by her sponsor, was smashing glass on a rock
 when some pieces flew in her eye. She has undergone surgery
and is having a slow recovery.
We have enrolled little Esther in a private school.
She is now getting a quality education.
Esther Prithivi 2009!
Hyderabad, India
This is the dedication of the boarding school where we will teach needy pastors'
 children and the poor of the surrounding villages.
This is the boarding school!
This little boy is from a nearby village.  His mother is very happy for him to attend our boarding school. 
These are some of the village Pastors' children which we sponsor.
Here are more village Pastors' Children
This is Shakila, later named Rachel. She is from a Muslim Heritage.
When we rescued Rachel, her mother was feeling ashamed and
distraught about her husband leaving her for another woman. As it is
 common here, she was going to jump in a well with her two small children.
Rachel was living with her mother who could barely provide for  Rachel's basic needs.
When we visited Rachel, she had sores all over her body. We had her taken
 to receive medical care. Rachel is now healed, eating well and attending a private school.
This is Rachel in her new school uniform. Rachel loves to write! This
intelligent little girl is now very happy and doing very well in school! 
Rachel has help putting on her shoes on Easter morning.
Rachel 2009!

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Feb 27, 2010  ( 1 comment )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
I never saw a photo of Nicole in India before; we were talking about her trip there just a couple weeks ago.
Those Indian ladies do like a lot of jewelry and arm bands!  The children look so well cared for and happy.
Mar 1, 2010  ( 1 comment )  
Darla Sisson-Long (childrenofthehour)
The children call me Darlamma.
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