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Visiting Pete Oakman's Shares (account name: bigrippa)
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Our Trip to FL to see the folks and a few Disney friends

Our Trip to FL to see the folks and a few Disney friends
 Katie and I with our favorite Eyore

Katie and I with the wimp Piglet
 Katie and I with Tigger

 Okay I'm not gonna write Katie and I with anymore cause I'll be here all day

 Katie and Mama Oakman

 Katie on the Space Ship ride--she didn't want to go on it but I made her :)

 Pete after the TeaCups

Katie and I in line for Tower of Terror, she screamed so much!!!

Katie and I waiting for the singing bears
These singing bears...they got old after 27 seconds
Katie and I at the castle

Katie and I on main street, castle in the rear...see Disney World has Cinderella's Castle while Disney Land has the loser princess Snow White 
Katie and I with Nemo
Katie and I with Nemo X2
Overlooking the Big Ball at Epcot
On the safari with elephants in the background

Flammingo's for you Monica!!!
For Monica X2
Mr. Awesome
Mr. and Mrs. Awesome
The guy from Songs from the South
Katie's Best Friend
 Mama and Diddy Oakman

Katie and I about to ride the new Woody shooting game
Pete as Bubba Fett 



Thanks again Mama and Diddy Oakman!

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