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2009-01-24 Home Repairs

Various Home Repairs
I've done work for two neighbors in this Roswell subdivision and now here is a third.
Scroll down for the details.
Here's a nice house, but it had some wood rot issues.
These windows on the garage didn't look bad untill you looked close.
What looked like a problem with a simple piece of molding turned out to be a big rot problem with the window sill and the whole bottom of the window itself.
Around back were three other suspect areas. One was one the edge of a gable end.  Another was in the corner of a soffit. The third was another soffit, not shown here.
The first step was getting the rotted wood out. 
I cut the facia (pic #1) at a convienent rafter.


Here's my fix for the window. First, I recorded where all the hardware attached.  I then cut the bottom board off. Next I made up a 2"x2" board and, finally, I cut the new bottom board to shape.  The new bottom was glued and doweled to the two side pieces.                   
The finished product looked good as new.
The window even opened and closed!
Back to the other rot, here they all are with new wood, caulk and paint.
On to a couple of other things: I installed a kick plate on the door above right and a pin lock on the sliding door above left.  Of all the work I did, the homeowner was happiest that her sliding door finally had a security lock.
My last task was to install some blinds on the inside of the garage windows, but the homeowner had bought 64" long blinds for these 72" tall windows. 
If she gets the right length blinds and still needs them put up, then I'll do that for her the next time I'm in the area.
So that ended that.
Hope y'all are doing well.
For the record, as I ended this project I caught Mom's cold.
Mom and I visited Jm & Kim on the 18th.  Here's a shot I took of Isaac James.

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