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Visiting Doug Campbell's Shares (account name: partnersforchrist)
2006-09-25 No talking

Sept. 25, 2006 update
One might ask, why does she have duct tape on her mouth??  Well, it is because I cannot speak for two weeks.  I have been put on voice rest due to swelling on my vocal chords.  There are two white lumps on my vocal chords that need to go away, so this is the treatment.  I appreciate your prayers during this time.  I have a doctor’s appointment on October 5th, so I will not be able to talk until then.  
It has been quiet a learning experience already.  Although it is very difficult for me and I am bursting to share everything that is going on, I am grateful for this me and God time.  Pray that the Lord would break me and then mold me in the areas of my life that He needs to.  

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Sep 25, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
10:08 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
You've done such a great job this first week of not speaking!  God is our Jehovah Rapha, our Healer.  "Be still and know that I am God!" - Psalms
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