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Visiting Doug Campbell's Shares (account name: partnersforchrist)
*2006-10-01 Retreat with God

October 1, 2006
Update and Prayer Requests
Please pray:
  1. For my heart during this time of silence that I will be breakable and moldable.
  2. For healing of my vocal chords.
  3. For the leadership team (there are about 50) of the youth of La Arena.
  4. For the preparations of my lesson plans to teach ESL.
  5. For the launch of the ESL classes once I return to Tijuana.
 Well, I still cannot talk as I am on voice rest until this Thursday, October 5th when I have my doctor’s appointment.  If this treatment of voice rest for two weeks worked, then I will go into voice therapy.  If it did not work I will have to have surgery.  Please pray for this appointment, and that I may be healed if it may bring glory to the precious name of Jesus!  
            Meanwhile, I have been at home preparing for the ESL classes and spending lots of time listening.  My youth pastor had a similar thing and was put on voice rest for 30 days, and he recommended going off to a place where I could be alone for a couple days as a personal retreat with God. 
            Thanks to the generosity of my Uncle Rob, I went up to stay at his condo in Kirkwood for a couple days.  The picture above is the view of the meadow looking out of the condo.  This was a DELIGHTFUL time sitting silently in the presence of the Lord Most High. 
     I went for a hike one day, and WOW!!  It was a time I cannot express.  It was a time sooo beautiful, full of learning experiences.  It was a time I never ever want to forget.  It was a time basking in the presence of God.  I started off my hike with my little backpack of water, lunch, journal, and verses.  And after about 30 minutes I realized I was the only one on this mountain.  My path was out in the open the majority of the time.  I have never experienced anything like that.  To be alone on a mountainside.  Alone with God!!  
 At this point I had to just stop and sit on a rock and reflect and thank God.  To sit and listen to complete silence.  Silence of a whole mountainside.  To let Him speak to me through His creation.  I heard His peace in the gentle breeze that kisses the fields,  I heard His sovereignty in the little chirps of birds that He knows if one of them falls!!!  I was overwhelmed by His goodness.  That who am I that I should have one worry, when I have a God sooooo big!!  Sooo good!!
 Then I hiked another 1 ˝ miles to a lake.  It was such a beautiful time.  I just basked in the presence of my Creator; it was just me and Him.  I was literally the only person on this mountainside.  I felt so small.  Again, I was taken back by the majestic, detailed beauty of the mountainside, that I need not have doubts or worries with the direction of my life, for I serve an Almighty, All-knowing, All-trustworthy Creator!!!
  I have always prayed that I would live out Psalm 37:4 in my life, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”.  But today it brought more meaning.  I am a people person.  I love being surrounded with people, the more the merrier.  But today when it was just God and me, it was soooo fun!!  The truth is, it was delightful.  As I hiked along and prayed, I could feel His presence, He was communicating with me!!!  As I poured out my heart, He gave me answers through His creation.  I felt like I was on a hike for the day with my best bud.  It was incredible!!!  I was so, so content.  It was just a delightful day.  I was delighting in the Lord and in His presence!  I asked my Father that as I return that I may not get so wrapped up in “serving” Him, that I forget to delight in Him.
A song that impacted me during my time
“HistoryMaker” by Hillsong. 
 Is it true today that when people pray
Cloudless skies will break,
Kings and queens will shake?
 Yes, it's true, and I believe it,
I'm living for You.
I'm gonna be a history maker in this land.
I'm gonna be a speaker of truth to all mankind.
I'm gonna stand,   I'm gonna run into Your arms,
Into Your arms again,
Into Your
arms,   into Your arms again.
Is it true today, that when people pray
We'll see dead men rise,
And the blind set free?
Yes, it's true, and I believe it,
I'm living for You.


Is it true today, that when people stand
With the fire of God and the truth in hand,
We'll see miracles, we'll see angels sing,

We'll see broken hearts making history?

This song spoke to me in such a powerful way.  The chorus spoke so strongly to me.  For one of the hardest things about not being able to speak is not being able to shine for Jesus with my voice.  There has been many times when I wanted to share and encourage different people but couldn’t.  Why has the Lord given us voice, to DECLARE HIS NAME!!!!  May the first words of my mouth be PRAISE to my Healer!!  I was convicted and renewed with fervor to return to TJ and to speak truth!!!  If the Lord has blessed you with a voice, it is a gift to turn back to Him and proclaim salvation to all mankind!!!  What a God we serve!!!
            Well, I just wanted to share this time with you, and I encourage you…Make time to go and delight in Your Maker.  It took God taking away my voice to get me to go and do this, go!!  Make time!!!  It will be a sweet time in Your Savior’s presence that you won’t ever forget.  

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Oct 7, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
10:24 pm
Doug Campbell (partnersforchrist)
We praise God for the swelling going down and that you're talking again!  Am thankful too you had such a sweet time with Jesus on the mountaintop!! Love, Mom 
Oct 12, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
3:46 pm
Hey girlie! I saw your parents this sunday and "the gathering". I had a nice visit with your mom. She said that you had been on voice rest. Your still in my prayers, and when your voice is up to gabbing you must call me. Keep you in my prayers, Amanda
Hilarious picture with the duct tape!!!
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