2006-10-07 My first time playing paint ball!!!!

My first time playing paint ball!!!!
  • What a feeling there is when one is shooting at good friends.  The very beginning of very first game the rush of shooting at a great friend of 34 years from 125 feet away.  Watching the paint balls getting ever closer to him (but in that game I didn't hit him :(
  • Nailing an unsuspecting Chuck from 75 feet from a 90 degree flanking position.
  • Having the ref tell me that even though the opponent got me as I was running to flank him that my covering fire got him since he exposed himself to shoot me.
  • I think I was giving it as well as I was taking it until the last 5 games when I was playing against experienced players
  • Being able to have 6 games just between the six of us friends
  • The other players were friendly and helpful
Mike, Mark Casey, Chuck, Rick, and Tony from Horizon before playing paintball.
Only Tony had played before.
The total cost was $65.  $35 for rental package, $15 for the entrance fee, and $15 for paintballs (around 700)
Trying to act tough before our first game :)
After a few games we were still going strong.
During the middle part of 3 hours we were able to play just against ourselves.
That was a blast!  It was 3 on 3.
What a feeling being able to reach out and touch (shoot) a friend!!!
Among all the places to be hit, the face mask is the least painful. 
Actually you don't feel a thing.
After a lot of games
The gloves saved my hand once.
Relaxing after the game
Wearing white sure makes it clear where you get hit :)
Hits on my front
Hits on my rear
 I got this one on my back when Casey
"bunkered" me from 25 feet
 I got this on my bare skin from a person in
the snake position 75 feet away
Of the 7 hits that I can clearly see on my body only the neck one is slightly sore.  Two other are
 tender to the touch.  I had 3 layers on my upper body but only blue jeans for my lower body.
I always thought paint ball was really painful.  Now that I found out that it isn't I'm going
to start playing it.

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Oct 7, 2006  ( 2 comments )  
Oct 8, 2006  ( 3 comments )  
Ken Dickens (kendickens)
I've done this with a group with our wives. Now that is really interesting. The women turn viscious and are really good at it... wonder what that means?
Richard Carr (richard)
Ken, thanks for telling me that.  I didn't think the wives would go for that.  I'll try to get some couples together and do it
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Looks like something that is really fun.
I like the green background, but the white print does not show up well.
Oct 9, 2006  ( 3 comments )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
Dad!!  you look so happy!!!  that sounds INTENSE!!!  glad you had a blast with the guys!!  i would love to see it.  how many hours did you play.  or how long is each game.
Oscar Galvan (oscar)
Richard i played paintball before, it´s so intense. The pictures with your friends looked so fun. (when can i challenge you? Im the best in mexico.) just kidding.  
Richard Carr (richard)
The games last until one side has lost all of it players.  When you get hit with a paint ball that explodes and leaves a mark larger than a quarter you have to leave the game.  The games typically last from 5 to 10 minutes.
Most of them are pick up games so typically one game starts right after the previous one ends.  I played 3 hours straight with only about a 15 minute break.
Hi Oscar, next time you visit we may play.  We're starting to think about playing during the Thanksgiving weekend.
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