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2009-04-21 A Pair of Dog Houses

A Pair of Dog Houses
Bri sent me this pic from a PetSmart web page.
She needed two doghouses kinda like this and about this size.
I found out that it would take two sheets of plywood, a few 2x4s and 1x4s to make each one.
I helped Chris and Bri pick the stuff up and the project was underway. 
Sue helped me out cutting each 4x8 sheet into the needed parts.
I made up a molding out of 2x4 stock and glued and nailed them to edge the top.
You never have enough clamps. Ever heard that before?
Here I glue a strip on to a piece that got cut a little too deep.
Mistake? What mistake?
Anything you can recover from 100% is not a mistake!
I framed out the bottom with 2x4s and then began assembling the sides.
The edges won't hold by themselves.
Plywood to plywood butt joints = fail. 
So I used the trim boards to hold them together.
You can never have enough clamps, part CCLXXXII.
Another custom molding trimed out the doorway.
Caulk was applied to seal off all the joints in the plywood .
I added some feet and did a test fit of the top.
Looked good to me.
Now on to the paint. 
But first, a break on the back deck.
Temps in the 70s and plenty of rain recently brought out the flowers on
Sue's dogwood tree, out back under the Sweet Gum tree.
A double coat of primer (left) was followed up by a gray and
white paint scheme (right) to match Bri's townhouse.
These things are gonna last forever.
The roof was attached with eight screws,
so it can be removed for cleaning once in a while.
Or not.
And here is the finished product.  Basically the original plan, but with different materials.
Overall, its 48" wide, 35" tall and 37" deep.
And there were two of them.
Oh, and I did get paid for all this.
Bri and Jay chipped in and got me a badly needed new pair of glasses.
Y'all take care.

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