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In the West Bank: The Bedouin and the Wall

On the Road from Jericho to outskirts of Jerusalem: The Bedouin and the Wall

These photos were taken through a bus window, traveling west through the West Bank, from Jericho on the banks of the Jordan River to the outskirts of the "Greater Jerusalem Metropolitan Area".

The low lying shacks and the animals in these photos belong to Bedouin who once provided 70% of Palestine's dairy products and vegetables.  They are now being relocated to prescribed areas, and provide cheap labor for quarries that supply building materials for the Wall and for Israeli settlements.


An Israeli Army Base within the West Bank

Construction site near an Israeli Settlement



The Wall.....protects Israeli West Bank settlements, but also meanders to divide and fragment Palestinian communities.  It is at least twice the length of the Green Line, the UN recognized border between Israel and the Occupied Territories.
Also note that according to UN Resolutions, the Camp David Accords, and the Oslo Agreements, Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories are illegal.


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