04 - Everyday Life (April 2014)
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May 22, 2014  ( 4 comments )  
May 24, 2014  ( 1 comment )  
May 29, 2014  ( 2 comments )  
Rebecca Sargent (rebecca)

Ummmm the video of Lincoln "hitting" the ball when Morgan throws it to him and then brings the bat back up to position is one of my favorite videos ever!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS Lincoln he's lost so much baby fat just since I saw him last! He is getting skinny like his big brothers! And love that you got to do the butterfly project with your boys!


Monica Galvan (monica)

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  Lincoln playing baseball is the most amazing thing EVER!!!!  I can't even comprehend that he he got all that!  Wow!  Babies are so, so smart!!  The sitting while hitting and scooting instead of running is such a riot!! LOL!!!

Jun 4, 2014  ( 1 comment )  
Katharine Carr (katharine)

JFYI _ Lincoln has a fan club in my office and has for sometime. All the momma's love his scooting and were all very impressed/inthralled with his baseball skills. 

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