12 - Everyday Life (December 2014)
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6 / 1000 comments
Jan 21, 2015  ( 3 comments )  
Jan 23, 2015  ( 2 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)

Lincoln sure is a great hugger!  God has blessed you with 3 awesome boys!  And you're giving them such a great youth!

Kathy Carr (kathy)

Lincoln is so vocal while playing the drums!  Good to hear the rocking chair story again; I had forgotten that we won the prize!(for Christina) And I can't believe Christina still fits in it!!  Such handsome boys all ready for church too!

Jan 28, 2015  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)

A great photo collection of all the fun things you have done with your family!   The dancing is a hoot!  Love the science projects, and Memphis with no front teeth!   Glad you survived your highway adventure.  

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