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Real Funny Photos

JDS 2005 - Funniest Photos!
Sometimes, I wonder why my friend try to stick the chiken ass on his mouth!
Oh! Are You Still Safe, my little brother?
Only potato chip can ruin your future!
Why this little rabbit look so similar to human?
James Bonn 2005
Mr. James Bonn on the Mission!
Wow, How Tasty This Ocha Is!
Why This World is Unfair to Me?
Make Sure That My Brother is Protected All Times!
Life In Japan is Like This na! Enjoyed too much did not have time to sleep last night.
See! How happy i am now!
Mouth and eyes are working to save the time!
Louk nis ches te mech ning? see cha-roeurn pek ot daeng tov banh chenh nouv ti na ha?
Khlang he! Chak pi kraoiy mers!
Tov na min haerm dol moat ha!
Mech ot dek yob menh he? Lae ler men!
Too delicious huh! Sorry it's my host mom's request wich is unavoidable.

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